X Marks The Spot: Reviewing A Franchise, Part 1

In the buildup to the release of Logan, Hugh Jackman's much-touted swan song as the Wolverine, I decided to rewatch the entire X-Men movie franchise. Reviewing it wasn't part of the plan, but I found myself spontaneously writing one off-the-cuff for the first film. After that it only seemed fair to do the same for … Continue reading X Marks The Spot: Reviewing A Franchise, Part 1


Star Trek: Boldly Going…

September, 1996. I was ten years old and channel surfing, or possibly I'd just finished a movie. But somehow I came across a certain program. There were people in uniforms of different colours and some very detailed prosthetics and a large alien monster. I tuned in about halfway through the show, but managed to figure out … Continue reading Star Trek: Boldly Going…

[Consider Adding Catchy Title]: Two Reviews

The best way of finding new books is to go browsing through shelves that are not yours; in the bookstore if you have some extra funds, the library if you don't. Fortunately I found myself in the former position a few weeks ago and picked up two titles that have more in common than their … Continue reading [Consider Adding Catchy Title]: Two Reviews

A Voyage Into The Unknown: “The Explorers Guild”

A few novels in recent days are taking a different approach to storytelling. Perhaps the most high-profile example is S. — a project conceived by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst which takes the form of a library book filled with handwritten notes of two people who pass the book back and forth, talking to each other in the … Continue reading A Voyage Into The Unknown: “The Explorers Guild”