The Source of All Knowing

This article originally appeared in the March 13, 2018 issue of Et Cetera, Regent College's student newspaper. The weekend was tough. A New Testament midterm meant that I didn’t have as much time to work on the Christian Thought & Culture paper, and I still had to do the weekly discussion question. Top things off … Continue reading The Source of All Knowing


Star Trek: Boldly Going…

September, 1996. I was ten years old and channel surfing, or possibly I'd just finished a movie. But somehow I came across a certain program. There were people in uniforms of different colours and some very detailed prosthetics and a large alien monster. I tuned in about halfway through the show, but managed to figure out … Continue reading Star Trek: Boldly Going…

Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation

It's an interesting time to be a geek, at least for me. It seems like a month hasn't gone by without some movie, television series, or book marking an anniversary. Superman turned 75, Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25, and on November 23rd another celebrated franchise is hitting its own milestone. Doctor Who is turning … Continue reading Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation