Star Trek: Boldly Going…

September, 1996. I was ten years old and channel surfing, or possibly I'd just finished a movie. But somehow I came across a certain program. There were people in uniforms of different colours and some very detailed prosthetics and a large alien monster. I tuned in about halfway through the show, but managed to figure out … Continue reading Star Trek: Boldly Going…


Mrs. Bumble’s Cake

They say you should show instead of tell. I'm not as fond of the phrase. Words can't show anything in the literal sense, they can only tell things. But the point is valid. We only want you to tell us interesting things. Let me try to illustrate the point. I could tell you that Mrs. … Continue reading Mrs. Bumble’s Cake

Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation

It's an interesting time to be a geek, at least for me. It seems like a month hasn't gone by without some movie, television series, or book marking an anniversary. Superman turned 75, Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25, and on November 23rd another celebrated franchise is hitting its own milestone. Doctor Who is turning … Continue reading Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation